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Lead the Fight Against ACEs, Part 2 Statewide Panel

18 - Aug
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Where:West Palm Beach, West Palm Beach,, Palm Beach County, Florida, United States, 33401
WHAT: Center for Child Counseling (CFCC) has developed a new action series in response to the pandemic and the urgent need to move forward policies and practices that support children’s mental health and resilience. Lead the Fight: Statewide Panel and Resource Series Part 2 will take place Wednesday, August 18, 2021, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM. This virtual event is designed for system, business, philanthropic, civic, and school leaders to actively address the effects of childhood trauma and adversity on families and communities through education, discourse, action, and advocacy. Research shows that Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are the root cause of many crises our communities face. Gun violence, domestic abuse, overflowing jails, homelessness, child abuse, addiction, chronic disease, and mental illness--compounded by systemic racism, adverse community environments, and now, the COVID-19 pandemic. Children and families have faced unprecedented stress during the pandemic and the issue of combatting ACEs and trauma has never been more urgent. While COVID-19 has physical impacts for most people, it has impacted mental health on a much broader scale.The Children’s Hospital Association (CHA) notes that from April to October 2020, the proportion of mental health emergency department visits increased significantly among kids ages 5 to 11 (+24%) and ages 12 to 17 (+31%) vs. the same period in 2019. Stress-induced cognitive and physical impairments and toxic stress related to the unpredictability of the COVID-19 pandemic have been prolonged and exaggerated. Youth mental health issues have caused an echo pandemic of increased incidences of depression, anxiety, suicide ideation, self-injury, and substance abuse disorders, escalating the demand for both therapists and other supportive adults, like teachers and childcare workers, who are mentally healthy themselves. In this part of the series we will explore effective strategies to promote resilience in childcare, s