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14 - Nov
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Where:Palm Beach County Convention Center, 650 Okeechobee Blvd. , FL 33401, West Palm Beach, Florida, United States
Seminar Agenda: 8:00am - Doors Open / Continental Breakfast Served 8:30am - Welcome & Introduction  8:40am - Becoming an Embedded Church in your Community - Community doesn't just happen by accident. We must break ground and cultivate a culture that invites people in. We must come to a place where we truly believe there is no "us and them", there is just "us". Matt Roberts, Senior Pastor of The Genesis Project Church and CEO of The Genesis Fund National Church Planting Network, will share some keys from his book "The God of New Beginnings", that can help you create a culture that allows people to belong before they believe. 9:15am - Designing a "Community-First" Church Facility - In order for churches to thrive in the 21st century, we believe they must be willing to put their community first. BGW Architect Don Mahoney will share 4 key design principles to consider for your new or existing facility that will help you bring people to your campus who are not looking for Jesus, but who might later realize that Jesus is looking for them. 10:30am - Creating Economic Engines that Drive Missional Movements - Church facilities have traditionally been among the least utilized buildings in America, sitting empty throughout most of the week. Derek Bartlett of Mission-Based Sustainable Solutions will share how churches can leverage for-profit partnerships to maximize the use of their building and help offset overhead costs. 11:30am - Shepherding your Congregation through Change - No matter where your church is in its story, one of the hardest things you will ever do as a leader is to shepherd your congregation through change. It challenges our comfort zones, stretches our faith and can be a divisive force if not led through with deliberate discernment and care. During this final session, Pastor Matt Roberts will introduce you to 3 powerful forces of change that we can foster within our churches and ministries. Defining and applying these fundamentals wil