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we love art so much, we built a hotel around it 

From the lobby to the corridors, to the guestrooms, suites and even powder rooms, our hotel is unique, boutique and a true work of art. White Elephant Palm Beach was designed with this 120- piece art collection in mind, including our 7ft installation of a White Elephant sculpture by Frederick Prescott who welcomes each guest with a nod at the front door. 
Below is a sampling of some of the wonderful artists and special pieces, with more information on the entire collection available at the front desk. 
Art Collection
Artist 1

Christopher Le Brun

A celebrated British painter, printmaker and sculptor since the early 1980s; the artist has also been an instrumental public figure in his role since 2011 as President of the Royal Academy of Arts in London His paintings are references to music and literature,  influences from his drawing and printmaking can also be found throughout this new work.


Artist 2

Orit Fuchs

Specially commissioned for White Elephant Palm Beach, "The Lady of the House" holds a special place in our lobby.

An  Isreali - based artist whose most central theme is the female image and the various forms it can take in modern society.

Her female characters are imbued with the full spectrum of human emotion and state of mind For Orit, it's creative journalism


Artist 3

Bernhard Buhmann

These surreal paintings conjure alternate realities, complete with jesters, buskers, and flying machines. Buhmann works from his imagination, fusing elements from art history and science fiction to create images that are uniquely dream-like in their inherent formal familiarity, but are in fact complete surrealist fantasy.

Lobby, Fireplace

Artist 4

Yinka Shonibare

Born in 1962 in London and moved to Lagos, Nigeria, at the age of three. He returned to London to study Fine Art first at Byam Shaw School of Art and then at Goldsmiths College where he received his MFA.

Unstructured Icons, 2018 is a set of six relief prints with woodblock and fabric collage, contained within a wooden portfolio box bound in Dutch wax batik fabric selected by the artist

Gallery, Level 2


Gail S

Gail Sharretts

Gail Sharetts

Based on Nantucket, Gail is known for her masterful abstractions & still life compositions, subjects and luminous paintings. As an artists she learned to combine traditional techniques with a fresh, contemporary aesthetic. Her method emphasizes color, tonality, composition and glazing which allows for a more fluid response to the subject matter at hand.

Gallery, Level 3



Donald Baechler

As a second-generation Pop artist, Baechler's paintings and prints are a reflection of a passion for collecting pop images and objects. Combining these images with his own uninhibited style of painting, Baechler creates what he calls an "illusion of history."

Gallery, Level 4

Artist 5

Joe Whale aka "Doodle Boy"

When 10-year-old Joe Whale of Shrewsbury, England found it difficult to concentrate, he turned his attention to doodling. Using the front of his notebooks, extra scrap paper, and any other surface he could get his hands on, Whale doodled the day away, creating imaginative creatures, elaborate worlds, and wild storylines.

WEPB commissioned Joe to make 36 unique works for each guest bathroom throughout the hotel…look closely and you will spot a "white elephant" hidden in each of the works.

In room.